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About AVRO Solutions

AVRO SOLUTIONS Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company, started out in 2014 as a solutions provider. Our first offering on the market was METX range of products.

Besides giving a better driving experience, METX provided a solution for reduced engine wear and tear and reduced fuel consumption. Use of METX products today extends beyond vehicles on our roads to heavy machinery, boats & ships, generators and various forms of engines. These solutions contribute considerably to addressing environmental concerns regarding hydrocarbon fuel use and material wastage.

In 2015, AVRO SOLUTIONS looked into agricultural concerns. The current usage of chemical fertilizers is a huge concern not only due to the increasing cost of these fertilizers but also to the long-term damage that they cause to the arable land and pollution to precious water resources. Together with our partners in agricultural research, we conducted several tests in Indonesia and Malaysia on organic and ‘clean’ alternatives for improving agricultural productivity while enhancing soil arability.

Through two years of trials in Solo and Bintan, Indonesia, we now have ORGANO+. This is a soil enhancing formula that holistically improves plant growth and crop yield. AVRO SOLUTIONS is also actively pursuing human health solutions. The overriding concern in this high-paced and tech era is mental burnout. The quantum of information processing needed and the corresponding energy and mental agility required to keep up with and stay ahead of the crowd can be substantially overwhelming.

While physical maintenance and fitness are still very much necessary goals, cognitive fitness and agility are fast overtaking its previous status as a luxury into a very real necessity. Together with our physiological research partners, we have developed Cogni:Mind which specifically attends to the compelling requirements of the mind over matter. Our product formula is a combination of nutraceuticals and herbal elements. Both essential in their own unique way as nutrition and accelerants. With a number of other human health solution products in various stages of development, we hope to expand in this area in the near future.

AVRO SOLUTIONS continues to endeavour in providing applied technology for a better living.