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Enjoy Benefits as Affiliate Partner

Hi there!

If making some extra income sounds like a good idea to you, read on!

If you have ever purchased our range of METX Products before and are already a fan;

If you have heard of our upcoming lifestyle supplement products like Cogni:Mind & Roger:Roger;

Or even if you have never heard of these before but have a Social Media account (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Blog / YouTube), you can make some serious cash by joining us as an Affiliate Partner……..and its that easy!

you don’t have to hold or purchase any stock


make any advance-payment

All you have to do is CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

We will give you your own unique Affiliate Partner Code.

Encourage your social media friends to purchase these fine products and give them your Affiliate Partner Code. Of course, you can also do your selling beyond the social media circle.

When they buy, you EARN a commission (up to 25%!!). It’s that easy!

As our products are sure to make fans out of your customers, when they buy online again you keep earning your commissions.!!

Some extra CASH never hurt anyone

Get started now and start earning $$

The more customers under your account, the more commissions you earn…and keep earning!!

Our Affiliate Partner Program is open to

Anyone....In any country

(Please note that certain products are for shipping within Singapore only)

So, what are you waiting for? Join and earn by registering here

How YOU can make money on our Affiliate Partner Program

  1. Sign up as our Affiliate Partner.
  2. Receive your unique link code from us.
  3. Share your unique link code on your social media platforms and pass your unique link code to your customers who may wish to purchase the products offered.
  4. You will receive a commission every time someone makes a purchase using your unique link code.
  5. You will receive a commission when that customer returns directly to our website to make a repeat purchase.
  6. For every $100 purchase made, you can make up to $25!! The more you share the more you make…and continue making from returning customers. If you generate a $1,000 sales a month, you can earn $250 extra cash to spend a month!!
  7. We have a range of products from our trusted METX range of automotive products category.
  8. We will be adding more products in the wellness category like Cogni:Mind for brain improvement and Roger:Roger for men.
  9. We will also be adding a wide range of partner products onto our online shop so your customers will have a bigger variety of products to choose from and buy. This will give you a higher rate of commission returns every time someone comes to our site using your unique link code.

It always helps to increase the visibility of your postings and encourage your friends to support your products. You can always encourage your friends to send you product reviews which you can post on your social media page. These reviews will encourage others to try the products and translate into more sales through your unique link code, and more money in YOUR pocket!!