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METX Engine Formula 1 Litre

  • METX Engine Formula 1 Litre METX Engine Formula 1 Litre
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Quick Overview

METX Engine Formula is a revolutionary Metal Treatment Solution that reduces the friction coefficient between contact metal surfaces.

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METX Engine Formula 1 Litre

METX Engine Formula is to be applied directly to the engine oil compartment. Engine Formula is not an engine oil. It works independently of the engine oil on the inner engine surfaces. It does not affect the quality and consistency of the existing engine oil in your engine.

The Video Below Demonstrates Clearly

METX Engine Formula continues to provide 'lubrication' even after all oil has been removed. In any event where Engine oil leaks away, you can safely drive to the nearest service station for servicing without overheating or damaging your engine.

METX Engine Formula increases your engine performance to give you better pick up and reduce engine drag while you experience a smoother, quieter, cooler ride. With a fuel efficiency of up to 15% and reduced frequency of vehicle maintenance, you can be sure to reduce stress to your pocket.

METX Engine Formula can also be used in large commercial/industrial engines. Large Gen Set engines also use METX Engine Formula to improve their fuel consumption/kWh ...up to 15%

There is an immediate drop of 15% in Fuel usage per kwh after adding METX Engine Formula
into the Generator Set engine!

Application Procedure:

Cars/Vans/Trucks/other engines:

Step 1. Add Engine Formula to Engine oil in oil compartment (100ml Engine Formula to 1L engine oil).
Step 2. For first application, rev engine at 3000RPM for about 15 minutes to activate METX molecules
Step 3. After at least 1500-2000km or at the next scheduled servicing, change engine oil to remove carbon deposits.
Step 4. Apply METX Engine Formula again after engine oil change

Subsequent application of METX every 2-3 engine oil change


1. Add Engine Formula to engine (About 50ml Engine Formula to every 1L engine oil)
2. After at least 500-1000km or at the next scheduled servicing, change engine oil to remove carbon deposits. Apply second round METX.

After second application, you need to change engine oil only every 2-3 cycles.
Apply METX every change to maintain.

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  1. No Gimmicks review by AM on 1/17/2019

    Initially I thought it’s another “gimmick “ but after i've tried it myself on my both bike and Car, i can feel the difference.
    This is my honest feedback after putting the METX
    -vibrations become lesser
    -better in acceleration
    -smooth transition of gears
    -engine feels lighter
    -getting more mileage
    -engine temperature cut down

  2. I'm in love review by Shahron Nizam on 11/12/2018

    Thanks AvroSolutions..... L9ve the Metx Engine Formula... makes my Old AT XRV750 feels like new energized with power to go further... love the Fuel Conditioner as well... puts all that energy and makes it run extra milage... Tot of changing to a new bike but after this I will still hang on to my current bike.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Smoother Acceleration review by Barry on 7/31/2018

    Convinced by the pulley test on the video. Bought a litre for a try out. Car responded better in mid acceleration as well as improved fuel economy. definitely would recommend if you are looking to give that extra protection to your car engine

  4. Noticeable Difference even for new car review by Carl on 7/26/2018

    Bought Metx Engine Formula for my new car because of good experience with Metx in my previous car.
    I was surprised that even for a car less than a year old, Metx makes a noticeable difference - quieter, smoother and improved fuel economy!

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Product Questions

Is METX Suitable for Diesel engines?

Yes, all METX products are suitable for any engine regardless of engine type.

Do I have to change the type of engine oil I use?

You can add METX Engine Formula to any type of engine oil you are using. METX does not change the SAE rating of engine oil.

How much METX Engine Formula do I use for my motorbike?

For bikes, use 50ml METX Engine Formula for every 1L of Engine oil in engine.

Do I apply METX Engine Formula after my engine oil change?

You can apply METX Engine Formula at any time. It is best to apply about 1000km before your next oil change as METX removes carbon deposits which can be flushed out with an oil change during servicing

How often do I need to apply METX Engine Formula?

After the first METX application, apply METX again during your next oil change. After that, apply half the amount of engine formula during every oil change cycle. If you apply 380ml Engine formula for your vehicle, apply only 200ml every oil change cycle after the 2nd application....as a maintenance dose.

Will my oil change frequency be affected after using METX Engine Formula?

Yes. After using METX, you can extend your oil change frequency.

Can I use METX Engine Formula on a new car/bike?

Even new cars and bikes have friction between engine parts. This friction will lead to noise, vibration and wear&tear. METX reduces friction thus improving engine performance and fuel consumption even in new engines.

Where is METX developed?

METX Products are developed in the USA