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METX Fuel Conditioner-60 ml

Quick Overview

METX Fuel Conditioner is designed to increase fuel efficiency by up to 10-15% (depending on driving habits). It keeps the fuel injector and combustion chamber valves clean and in perfect sync.

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METX Fuel Conditioner-60 ml

METX Fuel Conditioner is to be added to the fuel tank. 1ml Fuel Conditioner for every 1L of fuel. Apply METX Fuel Conditioner every fuel top-up to enjoy better fuel efficiency, engine performance and clean valves and injectors.

METX Fuel Conditioner increases the efficiency of fuel combustion by:

1. Reducing the moisture effect in fuel

2. Reducing the molecular cluster size in fuels

METX fuel Conditioner 
- Increses fuel efficiency by up to 10%-15% 
(Depending on driving habits). 
- Keeps the fuel injector and combustion chamber valves clean and in perfect sync
Application procedure

Pour 1ml Fuel conditioner
​to every 1L of Fuel

(60ml enough for 60L fuel)

Available in 60ml bottles

Good for both Petrol and Diesel fuels

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Product Questions

Is METX Suitable for Diesel engines?

Yes, all METX products are suitable for any engine regardless of engine type.

Do I have to change the type of engine oil I use?

You can add METX Engine Formula to any type of engine oil you are using. METX does not change the SAE rating of engine oil.

How much METX Engine Formula do I use for my motorbike?

For bikes, use 50ml METX Engine Formula for every 1L of Engine oil in engine.

Do I apply METX Engine Formula after my engine oil change?

You can apply METX Engine Formula at any time. It is best to apply about 1000km before your next oil change as METX removes carbon deposits which can be flushed out with an oil change during servicing

How often do I need to apply METX Engine Formula?

After the first METX application, apply METX again during your next oil change. After that, apply half the amount of engine formula during every oil change cycle. If you apply 380ml Engine formula for your vehicle, apply only 200ml every oil change cycle after the 2nd application....as a maintenance dose.

Will my oil change frequency be affected after using METX Engine Formula?

Yes. After using METX, you can extend your oil change frequency.

Can I use METX Engine Formula on a new car/bike?

Even new cars and bikes have friction between engine parts. This friction will lead to noise, vibration and wear&tear. METX reduces friction thus improving engine performance and fuel consumption even in new engines.

Where do I apply METX Fuel Conditioner and how often?

METX Fuel conditioner is to be poured into the fuel tank. Apply Fuel Conditioner every time you top up fuel. 1ml Fuel conditioner is good for 1L of fuel. 60ml Fuel conditioner can treat a typical car full tank.

Where is METX developed?

METX Products are developed in the USA