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ORGANO+ was originally conceptualized to mitigate the effects of biological waste pollution. What developed out of this was a product which improves the natural breakdown of biological waste and allows the natural soil flora to flourish. This, in turn, allows plant roots to develop faster and stronger, thereby allowing plants to absorb more nutrients for a healthy outcome.

Generally, plants like padi and vegetables treated with ORGANO+ grow faster and allow a quicker harvest. Plants in the previously contaminated soil also show a remarkable improvement in yield when ORGANO+ is applied.

Soil Enhancer

Soil: The platform on which most agriculture grows, survives and hopes to thrive. Unfortunately, soil plays a major role in the viability of any crop and can often make the difference between a healthy harvest and a constant struggle.

ORGANO+ addresses this nagging issues with soil to overcome the limitations it may impose and where soil is already substantially supportive, ORGANO+ provides that PLUS factor to inch a good crop to a great crop. 

Soil Enhancer in Action

As with most current farming practices, the over reliance on chemical fertilizers like UREA, while sustaining the viability of crop, also, ironically, destroying the very ground it is meant to empower. UREA and other such chemical additives loads the soil with nitrogen with the intent of forcing the roots to take up nitrogen via a gradient slope. This Nitrogen gradient often kills the natural balance of nutrients and pH in the soil, destroying the rich flora which often nurtures the plants against pests and infections.


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