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Roger:Roger 10 Sachets (usual $49.80)

  • 	Roger:Roger 10 Sachets 	Roger:Roger 10 Sachets
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Quick Overview

Roger:Roger will holistically boost the man's overall energy level and endurance to enjoy the lifestyle he wants. Formulated by healthcare researchers and medical professionals and using proprietary extraction techniques developed in Singapore.

Buy 2 or more boxes and enjoy a further discount of $2.50 per box

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Complements your testosterone level to increase your libido

Improves energy flow and output to increase stamina

Improves strength for the heavy lifting

Improves your mood to bring our the best in you

Roger:Roger 10 Sachets (usual $49.80)

Low testosterone performance can cause a decrease in sex drive, accumulation of body fat, and a loss of lean body mass and fatigue.

Instead of using dangerous, side-effect causing steroids, you can fortify your body’s own natural testosterone with Roger Roger, a clinically-proven blend of Earth-sourced power herbs and anabolic-trinsic nutrients.

Featuring Withania somnifera, Euricoma longifolia, Shilajit, Phyllantus umbilica amongst herbs long known to lift spirits and magnify strength, and ATP cycle compounds critical to trigger these herbs, the synergistic ingredients in Roger:Roger work on a cellular level to optimize testosterone efficacy, increase energy (ATP), and boost sexual potency.

Find Out More about published research papers on herbs

Roger:Roger is Vegetarian-friendly and contains no, stimulants, banned substances, or other additives.


For best results, have a cup of Roger:Roger fine coffee every morning.

If you mean business outside of work….you need Roger:Roger!

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  1. Super Good review by A on 1/17/2019

    For those who wants to be energetic can try the ROGER ROGER

  2. Hooray It Works! review by Brian on 12/12/2018

    First week nothing but I feel more energy. Anyway, you have advised that this is not instant reaction so I understand. Second week, I realise that things have changed. I am happy and so is my gf. Roger and out .-

  3. Dashyat Lah review by Pariaman on 12/10/2018

    Fooh. Thanks bro. this roger is dashyat. Paling paling ada tiga kaki.

  4. Not sleepy review by Jo Hari on 12/4/2018

    Ok lah. I feel more confident when I ride up to Malaysia. Don’t feel so tired and sleepy on the road. Will recomand to my friends. Thanks. Roger Roger Ha Ha

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